1. Tell me you want some cheesy chive bread in your life. 


  2. Summertime salad — much cheaper than Chopt’s Santa Fe. And a better portion too. 


  3. I decided to give tofu a second chance. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a love/hate relationship with the soybean product — and am still skeptical of its health benefits considering the processing it goes through. 

    However, I rubbed the tofu with a BBQ coffee spice that I picked up at Trader Joe’s along with BBQ sauce, sautéing it for a few minutes. I then added chipotle-spiced tomatoes, brown rice, and black beans to a mixed greens salad with — my diet staple — avocado. 

    All in all, I have to say this is the perfect light summer meal. Forks up!


  4. I enjoyed a wonderful lunch special at my neighborhood’s quintessential burger haunt, Dutch Boy Burger. For $6.95, you can settle down with a nice turkey burger, chicken burger, their regular beef patty, or their housemade veggie burger which I dove into mouth-first. Coupled with chipotle aioli and a side of fries (or a house salad if you so choose), it’s the perfect way to start off an afternoon in Crown Heights.


  5. Gluten-free and oh-so-easy! From rice pasta mac and cheese to coconut-flour pancakes topped with pecans and chocolate chips, going gluten-free is not so shabby.


  6. Vegan chili and vegan pizza. Yup, these exist.

    The “cheese” is made from tofu and the secret recipe was procured from the Natural Gourmet Institute.

    While it may be not-so-hot outside to start the summer, why not rev yourself up with some oh-so-hot (and vegan!) meals?


  7. Vegetarian week! Everything here is vegetarian-friendly and super economical. 

    Top photo: Black bean and red pepper burgers topped with chipotle ‘mayonnaise’, and an avocado and red onion summer salad topped with honey mustard dressing 

    Bottom left: Whole-wheat crust with barbecue rub-encrusted seitan, Isle of Man cheese, with avocado, red onions, and a Greek yogurt/cilantro drizzle

    Bottom right: Tofu covered in garam masala on top of a romaine salad with carrot and broccoli slaw, and a simple olive oil and vinegar dressing.


  8. This is what happens when you go paleo for a week!

    Clockwise from left: Egg ‘hash’; banana, strawberry, and ginger smoothie; chicken lettuce wraps obviously unwrapped with onions, bell peppers, jalapeños and cilantro


  9. New York’s Hester Street Fair — my new favorite food market


  10. Peppers. Sausage. Onions. Yum. I haven’t had a sandwich like this in a while, so on a sunny spring afternoon in Brooklyn, this sandwich was calling my name.

    Considering I didn’t have any Italian bread on hand, I toasted some pita bread and although it was a tad messy, it tasted delish.

    **Adapted from a “Hot Off the Grill” recipe in America’s Test Kitchen’s The Best Simple Recipes cookbook.